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We realize your claims - fair, digital and transparent

Equipped with more than 25 years of experience, competent employees, efficient solutions and the latest digital technics the DIAGONAL Group is one of the leading companies of the industry. The scope of services ranges from risk assessment, billing and factoring to the complete collection and dunning process. We think the right way for you to get your money!

Open receivables?

Benefit from our infrastructure, experience and successful processes. The DIAGONAL Group offers you the entire range of debt collection and receivables management services.

Debt Collection

Billing comprises the work steps from the receipt of the usage data to the preparation of the invoice. Especially in the area of B2C trade there are a lot of tools that can keep payment defaults at a low level and thus ensure more turnover and shorter waiting times for the settlement of receivables.

We already start our work before the purchase took place. With a creditworthiness and address check the first step is done. We will then take over the entire billing process. Every time an invoice got paid in time, we cheer up with you – is there a delay, our dunning and debt collection service takes over with all necessary measures.

Even with a high degree of automated processes, human values have the highest priority for us. The experience of our employees is monetary value for you! We are not only looking for a cooperative partnership with our clients, we also life a friendly and fair contact with their debtors.

Our employees are trained in psychological conversation management frequently. The results are regularly checked by quality calls.

We are just as interested as you are in why a claim is not settled and develop and agree with your customers appropriate and feasible payment modalities.

Did you know…

Our core business is the contact to debtors. For this reason we are running our own call center and qualify our employees to experts in the contact with your clients. The call center can be reached Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm at +49 4181 – 2016200.

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The clearing process involves the transmission, reconciliation and, in some cases, confirmation of trades and other information necessary for settlement or the procedure (e.g. payment method, place and time of delivery). Would you like to know more? Please contact us.

An out-of-court dunning procedure is often the best idea to point out the default in a friendly manner and to give the debtor the opportunity to settle the claim quickly.

However, the extrajudicial dunning procedure is not only used because of the manageable costs, which are then also incurred by the defaulting payer.
It also maintains a good customer relationship if it is first pointed out with a payment reminder that an outstanding claim exists.

The dunning process is a matter of timing, communication and approach towards to debtor. Whether by post, telephone, e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp: We offer you many modern and professional solutions to help you get your rights. An out-of-court dunning procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Payment reminder with a friendly note, that the payment of an invoice is overdue.
  • First dunning letter with a deadline of mainly 10-14 days to pay the overdue claim.
  • Optional: Second dunning letter by letter post with a final deadline and the notice for following steps.

In the case of dispatch by letter post, individual items are secured via the barcode control of the inserting system and returns management for undeliverable letter items is also provided.

Please get in touch for more detailed information.

Correct dunning

Communication is everything: timing, speech, compromise, escalation - everything must be interlocked and communicated in a legally secure manner.


You've got more than 80.000 open cases?

Thanks to our modern IT-system and stable processes we can take them over easily.

is digital already.


Open receivables? Benefit from our infrastructure, experience and successful processes. The DIAGONAL Group offers you the entire range of debt collection or receivables management from a single source – from the first reminder to the legal proceedings.

  • We check the creditworthiness or the debtor, to identify the payment behavior and to figure out the right steps for the payment recovery.
  • We carry out the complete pre-judicial dunning procedure, assess the debtor’s willingness to pay and, if necessary, agree on payment by instalments or a settlement.
  • We are responsible for the judicial dunning procedure with all variants from enforcement to the registration of compulsory security mortgages.

Take advantage of our experience and expertise! We look forward to a personal conversation with you.

By the way: Our clients appreciate our approach. Because if our specialists in pre-litigation receivables management are not successful, the DIAGONAL Group takes over the judicial assertion up to the titling. To keep the risk of costs as low as possible, we check the creditworthiness of your customer in advance to determine the claim recovery probability by a scoring.

If all actions did not work to recover your claims out-of-court the next step is the judicial dunning procedure. In this field we cover all process stages, from the Application for a dunning and enforcement order up to and including enforcement.

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Of course, it happens that debtors forget to pay a reminder. Don’t worry, the debtor won’t fall through the grid because we check the open items daily. The DIAGONAL Group provides you with two variants:

  • Reminder by e-mail with reference to the possibility of online payment methods in the payment portal
  • reminder by letter-post.

Also we provide an individual shipment security via barcode control and a return management for undeliverable mail.

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Many debtors don’t respond on enforcement orders, because they don’t realize the seriousness of the situation. The next step is the foreclosure. A title to the debtor’s assets is then available.

If the title cannot be enforced, it is worth pursuing it over the long term, because a title remains valid for 30 years. We overtake the surveillance until die claim is payed or is really not feasible – if necessary for 30 years.