Moving things forward and doing better

What does the DIAGONAL Group stand for? With our values and demands on competence, behaviour, tolerance, appreciation and team spirit, we would like to give the diagonal group a face. The common guidelines are giving transparency and orientation to us all and shape our daily perceptions, our decisions and our actions in cooperation and in dealing with our clients, partners and colleagues.

We are living this value, because they help us, to reach our goals and they give a good feeling to our clients, to participate in our experience, our ideas and our integral point of view. For our clients we are a reliable and competent partner and for our employees we are a responsible and attractive employer. You can rely on us, true to our mission statement „Moving things forward and doing better“.

We are a strong team, which rely in each other, respects each other, supports and respects. As an employer we have a social responsibility. We promote a modern working environment with a leadership culture based on partnership. Our success is not only because on our extraordinary technique, it´s more the because of the happy, very enthusiastic and qualified employees. Their ideas, their critics, their motivation are unbelievable important, because their potential makes the difference.

In a traditional family business with hanseatic roots counts a word! Our way of communication is clear and understandable, honest and constructive, we have a hands-on-mentality and we are open for critics. An open word creates trust and is good for a goal-orientated cooperation and a common approach to each other. The face-to-face contact is one of our most important pillars of our communication.

We are winning as a team and have focus on the customer success. Personal responsibility and initiative are the basis for our actions. With our high degree of specialist expertise, we fulfil the demand of our clients for a flexible realization of their needs. We live our mission statement „Moving things forward and doing better“.

The diagonal group can look on experience of more than 25 years. During this time, a high number of technical developments promoted our ability in future and innovation, because we started a continuous, structured innovation process already at an early stage. That’s the reason we are state of the art. Data analytics and artificial intelligence are already a building block
to the advantage of our clients.