Being fit against claims!

Health collect is made for the specific demands of the health and fitness industry.

Fitness and health studio are delighted about the rising numbers of members, because more and more people work for a dream body. But not everybody who signs up pays his sums. You can’t pay with love handles. Health collect, a diagonal group brand, is specialised for more than 25 years for receivable management and mass debt collection and successfully supports companies, if for example, members have gotten themselves together.

Hardly any industry is spared late payments and payment defaults. Besides of the e-commerce the companies out of the fitness and health industry made painful experiences with defaulting payers.

With its “Health Collect” brand, the DIAGONAL Group specialised in these sectors at an early stage, when there was no talk of a boom. “With our knowledge of the specific industry and market knowledge, we offer a lucrative, professional and targeting worry-free package to our clients. Sports gets the body in shape, health collect strengthens the cash register and takes care with its solutions for more endurance for the clients” says Christian Davids, the leader of Account Management and Marketing at the diagonal group and ads: “The partners also benefit from the diverse experience of the employees and the modern, high-performance technology.”

The offer is based on our mission statement fair, digital and transparent.

  • 100% payment of you claim if successful

Have we sparked your interest?

We will be happy to meet you at FIBO from 4 to 7 April in Cologne and invite you to a shake or electrolyte drink.

(Foto: FIBO / Behrendt und Rausch)

The solutions from health collect are covering the entire debt collection process. This starts from the fast and efficient debt collection management, over the extrajudicial to judicial dunning procedures, up to the long-term monitoring of titled claims or the execution. “We know that defaults on payments are a major risk for the liquidity of companies. As an experienced debt collection service provider we proceed with great sensitivity. It is very important, not to do any damage on the customer relation or on the image due of the outstanding debts.” describes Christian Davids the approach of health collect and adds: “If you don’t pay, you can’t train.”